What does FarmHand Software do?

  We at FarmHand have tried to address all areas that are important in operating a farm business. And, although FarmHand can be used on a conventional farm we have added areas for organic and community supported agriculture (CSA) farms. For these farms we added full customer support, including the ability to sell shares, track those pickups and handle all communication with your customers. We, also, have provided the ability to separate a farm into different areas and apply income and expense to each of those areas. In doing this you can find out what you are doing is the most profitable.

 We have separated our functions into five areas. They are General, Financial, Communication, Customers, Produce and Livestock.

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The Alabama Department of Ag buys six copies of FarmHand Software to distribute to farmers in the state.

Alabama A&M University has Gary Mattox of FarmHand to speak at their Small Farm Conference.

Alabama A&M University holds a class on FarmHand Software for the Women in Agriculture and then awards each farm in attendance with a copy of the software.

Heifer International purchases copies of FarmHand Software.

The University of Alabama purchases a copy of FarmHand Software to assist in the teaching of their new sustainable agriculture course.


  Need a helping hand with farm management & record keeping?

Let us at FarmHand provide that by helping you get a hand around all of the information that is important to you. We are trying to give you, the farmer, the same information and tools that any other business has access to.

Supported by the Alabama Department of Agriculture
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